5 Auto Safety Technologies that help to prevent Car Collisions

Written on the 2 August 2022 by BumperTech

There are over 20.3 million registered cars in Australia and increasing! With this large number of vehicles, the risk of collisions also increases. Car collisions can cause devastating damage to your car, dent your finances in repairs and sadly can cause physical harm.

Most of these accidents are due to human error and with the increase in auto safety technology within our cars, these numbers will hopefully begin to decline as our cars ability to avoid potential accidents increases.

Some of the innovative auto features to keep you safe and save you money on car damage include:

1. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

AEB is a technology that applies the brake when a driver is too close to the car in front via radar. It was announced by the Australian Government that this technology will be mandated in all newly introduced models from March 2023. As an effective driving aid in avoiding collisions, the Government has suggested that this move will save 20 lives and prevent 600 series injuries every year!

2. Rearview Cameras

The reversing camera is one of the most popular safety technologies in the market and now come standard in many car models. These cameras help to see obstacles, children and pets that might be in your blind spots. This technology provides greater confidence to a driver when reversing and improving parking accuracy.

3. Traction Control System

Some of the benefits of traction control systems is that it provides for a smoother drive especially on slippery roads and during rainy weather. It is a very effective system that relies on active sensors situated in each individual tyre. These sensors keep track of your speed and what the tyres are doing to detect if loss of traction is occurring.

4. Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Electronic stability control in your car helps prevent the loss of control either by over or under steering. ESC is great for our Australia roads as it helps manage unexpected road hazards such as wildlife, ice and slippery roads. The system also detects and prevents skids and rollovers, which is effective in preventing fatal road accidents

5. Lane Assist Technology

Lane Assist technology is a more advanced version of lane departure warning, as it detects whether the driver may possibly be departing and will warn along with gently steering the car back into the lane. Like many of the other safety features mentioned above, this technology is created to help prevent car accidents.

It is great that our cars are becoming safer and hopefully this technology will continue to prevent major collusions. If you do have a dent or scratch on your car that you would like to get repaired, please give us a call today!