Frequently Asked Questions

Does BumperTech repair rust on your car?

BumperTech can repair surface rust stains which can be buffed out by our skilled technicians. If the penetration of rust has resulted in holes in the panel, although it can be fixed in the short term, long term would need a panel replacement.

What is paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent removal is a method to repair a dent on your car's body, without having to repaint the bodywork. Technicians need access to the backend of the dent and with the correct tools and techniques, they will apply a slow pressure to key points in order to pop the dent back out. Paintless dent removal only applies to minor dents on your car.


What is the difference between a panel beater and mobile bumper repair?


Panel beaters operate from a workshop and can perform extensive services to your vehicle. Panel beaters require you to leave your car at the workshop for one or several days. Mobile bumper technicians like BumperTech work out of a fully-kitted van which allows us to perform bumper repair services near you and at your convenience.

How much does it cost to get a car bumper repaired?


Bumper repair cost varies because it depends on the extent of the damage. If the dent has no paint damage, a paintless dent removal service can be conducted. However, if the bumper needs to be removed in order to be fixed, the amount of labour and tools required differs. Contact us for a quote.

Is it possible to fix deep scratches on a car?


Yes. Deep scratches can be removed from cars, however the severity of the scratch determines what method is used to remove it. Surface scratches are likely to be buffed out whereas a deeper scratch will require a full service which includes repainting and buffing out the affected area.

Can scratches be removed from car?


Yes. Scratches can be removed from cars and should be dealt with sooner rather than later. When left untreated, scratches can cause rust and in some cases, you can't see it until it's too late as it can spread rapidly, underneath your paint job. Our mobile service means that we come to you so you don't have to be left without your vehicle.

What is mobile dent repair?


Mobile dent repair means BumperTech technicians come to you to repair your dent so you don't have to leave your car at a body shop. Our fully kitted vans allow us to drive to where your vehicle is and fix it on site at your convenience.

How to fix a car bumper?


BumperTech assesses the damage to see exactly how to fix the bumper correctly. If your car has been in an accident, we remove any paint transfer from the other vehicle or surface. Next, dents are removed using our plastic welding technique and a primer is applied to fill any cracks or small chips in the paint and body work. We then sand the bumper down and repaint it using the DuPony Mini Matching system to ensure that the colour matches your car. Finally, a Chromaclear coat is applied for a professional finish.

Is paintless dent removal any good?


Yes. Paintless dent removal is an excellent, cost effective way to remove minor dents from your car or bumper. Provided that technicians can access the backend of the dent, using specialised tools they slowly apply pressure to release the dent.

Where can I get my bumper replaced?


You can get your bumper replaced at your own home or office parking lot. BumperTech offers a mobile bumper repair service that services your vehicle at your convenience. You can get this mobile bumper repair service in Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane Central, North, South and Bayside.

Is paintless dent removal cheaper?


Paintless dent removal doesn't use any paint or fillers for the job. If the dent has no paint damage and is accessible from behind, then - with the right tools and techniques - the service ends up being cheaper than if you were to repaint the area. However, PDR only applies if the dent fits certain criteria.