Car Bumper Repair Services

At BumperTech, we specialise in carrying out premium quality bumper repairs across Brisbane and neighbouring areas. Our mobile repair service means that we can come to you to carry out any work required on your car. Operating from our fully equipped professional repair vans, we can have you back on the road promptly, with your car looking as good as new.

Why should I get my Car Bumper Repaired?

If your car has suffered minor cosmetic damage as a result of an accident, it may not be a top priority to get it repaired straight away. However, addressing this type of damage early is important for a number of reasons.

  1. Firstly, paint chips, scratches and dents can leave your car's bodywork exposed to the elements and increase the risk of rust developing. Rust can result in large and costly repairs further down the line that can be avoided with the maintenance work offered by BumperTech. 

  2. Secondly, scuffs and scratches can suggest to a potential buyer that your car may have further problems other than wear and tear which can negatively affect the vehicle's resale value and deter buyers from purchasing.

  3. Another reason to contact us as soon as you notice damage is to limit the possibility of what's known as 'shape memory' occurring. This can make any dents more difficult to remove. If a repair isn't possible due to the extent of your bumper damage, we also provide a bumper replacement service which includes a genuine, brand new replacement part and fitting by a professional technician. 

Does BumperTech provide Mobile Bumper Repair Services?

Yes! BumperTech mobile service allows us to repair your vehicle right on your doorstep. Our technicians will come to your home and usually complete the work within two to three hours. Our BumperTech vans are fully equipped with the tools required to restore your car to its pre-accident condition.

To get the ball rolling with organising your repair, you can submit an online enquiry including a photo upload featuring the damage to your front or rear bumper in need of fixing. We'll make an assessment of what work is needed, provide a quote and organise a convenient time to visit you at your preferred location to carry out your bumper repair. Whether it's a dent that needs removing, a simple paint touch up or a full bumper replacement, you can rest assured you're in safe hands with our experienced technicians. 

Bumper Repair Process

The BumperTech team has a wealth of experience when it comes to carrying out your mobile bumper repairs. Here's a step by step guide to give you an insight into the process: 

Step 1: Relevant damage is assessed by our technician to ascertain what remedial work is needed.

Step 2: Appropriate materials are used to remove any paint transfer.

Step 3: Any dents are removed using a plastic welding technique.

Step 4: A high quality primer is applied, ensuring any small chips or cracks are sufficiently filled.

Step 5: The bumper is sanded and repainted using the DuPont Mini Matching System to ensure the best paint match result.

Step 6: Chromaclear clear coat is applied to ensure a robust, professional finish and protect your paintwork from the weather.

BumperTech Locations

Our services are in and around Queensland, Australia. For your convenience, our mobile unit allows us to come to you for a quote and repair work.

We operate in these areas:

Why Choose BumperTech for your Bumper Repair? 

We're proud to deliver our customers a reliable, affordable and professional service that comes with a host of benefits. Here are a few: 

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Most bumpers will be restored back to pre-accident condition within 2-3 hours, no need to worry about insurance claims. "Bumpertech will save you time and money on minor paint and collision repairs"



Bumpertech offer a 5 year warranty on all repair work we carry out.

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