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For fast, reliable and affordable bumper replacement in Sunshine Coast, BumperTech is ready to assist. From scratches and paint jobs to car dent repair and full bumper replacements, our team is highly experienced.

Most importantly, we understand that for some people, leaving your vehicle to get repaired for a day or two is not an option, that's why we operate a mobile dent repair in Sunshine Coast.

For quotes, replacements and scratch repairs, our mobile service is a quick call away.

Bumper Replacement Services in Sunshine Coast

s amazing as living in the Sunshine Coast is, we can't deny that being so close to the ocean means that even the tiniest scratch on your paint job will lead to rust if left unattended.

BumperTech offers efficient, affordable and convenient panel beating and mobile repairs in Sunshine Coast.

Our services include -

  • Bumper Repairs - Minor scratches or loose bumpers can lead to much bigger problems. Our mobile bumper repair in Sunshine Coast allows us to come to you, fully equipped.
  • Bumper Replacement - Whether it's just the front bumper or you need a full replacement, we've worked with a variety of car makes and models and are experienced enough to get the job done. 
  • Dent Repairs - Not all dents are a quick fix, but that doesn't mean we can't do it. Our technicians are experienced in panel beating and with our mobile dent repair in Sunshine Coast, we'll come to you.
  • Paint Touch Ups - Covering a scratch or just looking for something new, you can get that glossy, showroom shine back on your car or truck with a brand new paint job.
  • Car Scratch Repair - On many occasions, our vehicles end up with scratches that we just don't know how it got there. These minor little scrapes can turn into bigger problems if you don't get them fixed.


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Bumper repairs sunshine coast
car scratch repair sunshine coast
For car bumper repair in the Sunshine Coast area, you can trust BumperTech. The clue is in our name! Whether you reversed into an obstacle and damaged the rear bumper or you need front bumper repair, we can help you get your bumper back to the condition it was in before the damage occurred.
There are times when you damage your bumper, and a full replacement bumper is the best option from a cost or safety perspective. Customers contact us for front and rear replacement bumpers in Sunshine Coast because we attend to their vehicles at their home or work address, making life easier for them.
There are times when you damage your bumper, and a full replacement bumper is the best option from a cost or safety perspective. Customers contact us for front and rear replacement bumpers in Sunshine Coast because we attend to their vehicles at their home or work address, making life easier for them.
For professional-looking touch-up jobs, you need experts with access to the latest products and colour- matching technology. Contact us for impressive results the next time you need car paint touch up in Sunshine Coast. The results will be so seamless, no one will ever be able to tell your vehicle suffered any damage or needed a touch-up job.

Do you provide mobile bumper repair in Sunshine Coast?

Yes! With eight fully equipped vans and a team of expert panel beaters and paint technicians at your disposal, we can come to you anywhere in the Sunshine Coast. From bumper replacements to car dent repair, we can have your vehicle looking as good as new.

Call us on 0499 182 225 to come out and give you a free quote.

Should I go through Insurance to fix my bumper?

In most cases, the BumperTech team can restore bumpers and scratches to their pre-accident condition - sometimes within two to three hours, so you don't need to go through your insurance broker as you can come straight to us for a free quote - without excess!

How do I get a Quote?

For a no-obligation, bumper repair quote in Sunshine Coast, Queensland, you can -

  • Fill in the form at the bottom of the page.
  • Call us at 0499 182 225

Contact us today

Don't leave your scratch or bumper repair until it's too late!

Get in touch with BumperTech for our mobile car dent repair, Sunshine Coast and let us come to you.

It's all too easy to accidentally scratch your vehicle, even if you are the most careful of drivers. Careless neighbours or pedestrians might even be the culprits. However, with Bumpertech, you won't have to put up with unsightly scratches for long. We'll get rid of those scratches for you, so your car's value or aesthetics are not adversely affected.

Why choose BumperTech Sunshine Coast?

The team at BumperTech is committed to repairing your vehicle's paint and bodywork, so it looks as good as it did before the damage occurred. Our team includes trade qualified automotive spray painters with years of experience in the industry.

If you are concerned about some damage to your car, we can come to your home or workplace on the Sunshine Coast and provide you with a free, no- obligation quote. If you would like to hire us to work on your vehicle, one of our experienced spray painters and panel beaters will get to work.

You're in good hands because our friendly technicians have worked in some of the best panel and insurance repair shops on the Sunshine Coast.


Mark fixed my car up. He did a perfect job. It took him just over an hour. I'd give him five stars if I knew how! If I ever have another prang, which is most unlikely of course, I would come straight back to BumperTech!
Brian Robertson Brisbane

15 December 2021

Thank you Nathan for your service and being able to fit our repairs in before Christmas, so I can spend time with my family from London. Very grateful, wonderful service and very happy with the repair. 
Erin Kowal Gold Coast

14 December 2021

Hi, my name is Kevin Burke and I have just had a very professional job done on my car by your employee Lyle. He is a credit to your company, he explained everything to me and was such a nice and polite young man!
Kevin Burke Gold Coast

13 December 2021

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