5 Surprising things that ruin your car paint work!

Written on the 7 March 2022 by BumperTech

Most of us know about the obvious elements that can ruin the paint on our cars, like, bat and bird poo, fuel, and the sun! But there are some other surprising items that can do just the same amount of damage, which aren't so obvious but may still require some car paint touch-ups5 Surprising things that ruin your car paint work

Silly String

Are you surprised? Harmless silly string? The chemicals that make up this fun product, used for celebrations when allowed to dry on your car, will leave behind marks and damage to the coating. The colourant and resin in this product if exposed to direct sunlight will create a mess if not cleaned up immediately.

FIX: Spot cleaning where the string has been or the full car, if it has been completely covered, with car washing liquid immediately.

Coffee & Soda

Ever left your coffee on top of the hood of your car? Knocked your soft drink over on the boot? The high acidity levels in these drinks makes them harmful to the paintwork on your car. The acidity eats away at the protective layer of the paint, which then leads to other elements compromising your paintwork.

FIX: To prevent long-term damage, clean up your mess as soon as you can!

Shaving Cream

In many practical jokes shaving cream is the shining star, smeared over faces, toilet seats or the car! Covering a car in shaving cream can be very funny but not so funny when it comes to the quality of the paint work. The foam itself is not damaging, but once that foam starts to dry, the chemicals will mark your paintwork permanently.

FIX: Wash that foam off your car as soon as you can with the appropriate car wash liquid to prevent any discolouration.


Oh, to live by the Queensland sea! That fresh salty air, beautiful sea breeze ... which your car is exposed to! The salt in the air can make your car more susceptible to rust and corrosion, especially if you have any pre-existing damage.

FIX: If you live by the sea, wash your car regularly and consider permanent rust protection treatment.


Love them scrambles, fried and poached, but we don't like them on the car! Eggs like a lot of these surprising items are acidic and can lead to paint corrosion if left to dry on the car. The eggs can also stain and lead to damage to the bottom coat once it has eaten through the protective layer. Not to mention that the shell can also scratch the car!

FIX: Yep, you guessed it - wash off immediately!

Have fun but keep it away from the car! All these items if left unattended long enough can and will ruin your paint and potentially cause permanent damage to your car paint.

If it is a little too late and you have the stains and the damage, call BumperTech for a free quote and let us repair your paintwork today!