5 Types of Car Washes to suit Time and Budget!

Written on the 22 November 2021 by BumperTech

5 Types of Car Washes to suit Time and Budget!

Washing your car is one of those weekend jobs that we do tend to put off if a better offer comes around, but there are plenty of ways to get your car spick and span! So, if you don’t have any kids around to delegate the job too or you are after a more of a spa treatment, then check out the different options below.

Each option has its pros and cons so that you can choose the best option for your car, time and budget.

Self-service bays

A great service when you don’t have the ability or products & tools to wash your car at home. A purpose-built bay with a coin-operated kiosk that gives you access to water, soap and brushes to manually clean your car yourself. The system is run on a timer which is activated by coin deposit.

PROS – Affordable, no need for products & tools, your own time
CONS – Labour intensive, travel to the bay, low-quality products, wait time

In-bay automatic car washes

A quick fuss-free car wash option! Selecting your wash type from a kiosk, you drive and park your car into the purpose-built bay remaining inside your car. The washing equipment moves around your stationary car going through the different cleaning treatments. This process does use different cleaning chemicals using high pressured water and cleaning rollers to clean your car.

PROs -  Quick, easy, and cost-effective
CONs -  Not as detailed clean. Harsh chemicals and rollers could potentially scratch the paintwork.

Conveyor tunnel washes

Tunnel washes are the express of the express washes! These types of car washes can clean multiple cars as they are moved through the washing process by an automated conveyor belt. With minimal human interaction, cars are cleaned at a high standard and without having to get out of your car.

PROs – Fast and affordable clean, convenient
CONs -  Basic wash, no attention to detail, cleaning products and equipment can potentially damage paintwork

Manual car wash and detailing services

When your car needs a little more elbow grease than what you want to give! A manual service where employees clean your car by hand at the company’s location. With different levels of car washing available, you can choose which best suits you and your needs. A more personalized service that can also include the internal of the car and extra detailing at an extra cost.

PROs – No DIY, affordable but not cheap, a better job than automatic car washes
CONs – Wait time, can be a rushed job due to the need for a high turnover of cars

Mobile car wash and detailing services

Get a professional car wash at a time that is convenient and at your own home! Mobile car wash businesses tend to clean the interior as well as the exterior of your car, which saves you time and effort. The menu of services can be extensive including detailing, buffing out scratches and adding car paint protection.

PROs – Convenient, high quality, can pay for all the bells and whistles
CONs – the most expensive