6 Brightest Car Colours in 2021

Written on the 22 November 2021 by BumperTech

When buying a car, how much value in our decision-making process is put into the colour of the car? When driving out on the road, how much diversification in colour do we actually see? Not much if you go off the colour stats by www.whichcar.com.au!

Looking at this graph, as a population we love White, Black, Grey and Silver! But that hasn't stopped some of the car manufacturers launching some wild colours for cars!

Check out some of these fantastic colour palettes that are up for grabs:

Audi S5

District Green Metallic is a colour that Audi launched on its S5. Green was a popular car choice in the 90s and 20 years on, could it be making a comeback? The District Green is a little darker than a military green but it is certainly a trending colour.

Check out the car here!


Isle of Man Green Metallic named after the Isle of the same name hit the car runways in January this year. Its vibrant colour will certainly make the owners of this car stand out in the sea of black, white and grey!

Check out the car here!

Hyundai Sonata

Glowing Yellow is the wild colour of the Hyundai Sonata and it is certainly a head turner! The glowing colour certainly shows off the sleek lines of the Sonata and you certainly wouldn't miss it in the car park.

Check out the car here!

Jaguar F-Pace

Velocity Blue is the standout colour in this year's Jaguar F-Pace SVR! Although Jag's SV Premium Paint Palette is certainly a show stopper of colours, with another wild colour - Atacama Orange, the velocity Blue is our pick!

Check out the car here!

Nissan Sentra

Two-tone Monarch Orange and Super Blacka very bold colour for a mainstream car brand! A great choice by the car manufacturer to attract new type of buyer to Nissan!

Check out the car here!

Porsche Taycan

Frozen Berry Metallic is our last pick for an out-there colour! Porsche is known for its elegance and typical silver, red or black colours. This year they have launched their electric car with a new colour Frozen Berry colour. But are you seeing pink or purple? We love it!

Check out the car here!

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