Different Types of Car Dents

Written on the 24 May 2022 by BumperTech

Whether it’s in the parking lot, at work or while you’re driving, getting a dent in your car is nothing but a nuisance. In some (if not all) cases, car dents can quickly become a costly nightmare if not addressed.

We understand that you might not want to rush to a body shop for every dent and ding and home DIY solutions are available in abundance. However, if you're unsure of what you're doing, that small indentation can quickly turn into a bigger problem.

Types of Dents

Sure, some dents might not require immediate attention, but it's important to know that more often than not, these dings and fender benders can lead to bigger problems.

The type of dent always depends on what caused the impact, the size, depth and overall severity of the damage itself. The most common dents are -

Car Dings

While all car dents need to be addressed, a ding is often ignored by car owners as it usually doesn't require a touch up of paint work.

  • Size - Small, usually less than half an inch in diameter
  • Caused by - small rocks, hail or something else that hits the surface of your car but doesn't cause extensive damage.
  • Fix - Car scratch repair, Mobile repair. Alternatively, a car detailing specialist might be able to remove it with buffing or a clay bar treatment.

Sharp Dents

It's difficult to put a generalised definition to a sharp dent as the damage caused by them varies - but the impact is always sharp and deep.

  • Size - Any
  • Caused by - smaller, metal objects like poles, scraping your car's surface at a speed and denting the bodywork under the paint
  • Fix – bumper replacement or a panel repair shop if the damage is severe.

Round Dents

You've definitely seen a round indentation on a car - if not your own car. These hollow dents are often confined to just the surface and are more than likely a quick fix.

  • Size - Any, but round, funnel-shaped.
  • Caused by - large or small balls, hailstones or any other round object that hit your car at a significant speed.
  • Fix - Minor dents can often be removed using paintless dent removal techniques, but mobile car paint repair may be required if the car's paint is damaged during the dent removal process.

Creased Dents

Similar to the sharp dent, however, getting rid of creased dents depends on the severity of the impact. For instance, a creased dent can be small but spread along two or more panels.

  • Size - Any size but normally significant in size on the surface and below the paint.
  • Caused by - larger, heavier objects like branches, other car doors or street poles that impact and then drag along your car’s surface.
  • Fix - Request a Quote with BumperTech to see if we can fix it first. If we can't, a visit to the local panel repair shop will be required.

Extreme Dents

Often caused by an accident, this type of impact often leads to your vehicle's bodywork needing to be replaced and repainted.

  • Size - Any size but irregularly shaped and deep
  • Caused by - other cars, impact from an animal or person that collides with your vehicle.
  • Fix - If the damage is only to the bumper, we can usually help using our mobile bumper repair or bumper replacement services. Request a quote today. If the damage is across major panels on your car such as doors and bonnets, you will need to visit your local panel repair shop.

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