Do I need to use the original car dealership to do bumper or scratch repairs on my car?

Written on the 14 January 2022 by BumperTech

This is a question that we get asked quite a bit and the simple answer is no you don’t. Deciding where and how you get your car dents repaired is completely up to you and what best suits your needs, warranty, and budget.

When we buy our cars from a car dealership, we do feel a sense of loyalty to continue to take our car’s there for any number of reasons, whether that be for servicing or repair work. A couple of reasons why you might consider the car dealership is that they are specialised in that brand of car, which is important if you are having major issues or if your warranty specifies it. Their technicians are factory trained and are experienced and qualified in that brand and have access to the original manufacturer's parts.

However, if your needs are minor, like a scratched or damaged bumper then before you head to the car dealership you might like to consider the following reasons to use an auto-repair business, like BumperTech.    

1. Cheaper repair costs

Dealerships do tend to be more expensive on repair work than the auto-repair shop. This is usually due to the mechanic's specialisation in that make and model; thus dealerships will charge a high rate of labour than that of an auto-repair shop.

In some cases, if the dealership has a full workload, they will also outsource this work to either a mobile repair service or shop, which also adds to the cost.

2. Experience

There has always been the argument that dealerships have more experienced technicians, but this is not necessarily the case. Dealership mechanics are specialised in that brand of car that they are working for, however, auto repairers have a wider range of experience working with all makes and models and are more than likely to have been factory-trained previously. So, you cannot guarantee that a dealership mechanic will be more experienced than an auto-repair technician

3. Customer Service

With an auto repair shop or service you have more of a chance to speak with the actual mechanic or technician who is going to be working on your car. With a dealership, your interactions are with the office staff and not the qualified person. Therefore, being able to discuss the issue or need with a qualified person, providing you with more personalized service is an advantage.

Overall, it is cheaper to use an auto-repair service than that of a car dealership for those pesky bumper dents and paint scratches but ultimately the decision comes down to you and what suits you best.

BumperTech prides itself on giving personalized service, quality work and convenience when repairing your car. If you are looking for bumper or paint repairs on your car, call us today for a free quote.