Effects of Bat Poo and Bird Excrement on your Car

Written on the 23 June 2021 by BumperTech

No matter where you are in the world, animal droppings on your car are a nuisance. However, in Australia, we're not restricted to only birds doing their business on our cars but we also have high levels of bat droppings - aka. Guano.

While there is no way to protect your car from animal droppings indefinitely, the only way to deal with it effectively is to clean it up as soon as possible, to prevent further damage.

Why are bird and bat droppings bad for your car?

Our car's paintwork is made to withstand elements such as air, wind and rain but even so, it should be treated and regularly cleaned for maintenance. Bat guano and bird poo is not just water. Both excrements contain high levels of uric acid, which eats away at your paintwork - but it doesn't happen immediately.

However, if you leave poo or guano on your car for too long, it will begin to deteriorate to the point where you would need a new paint job.

How to clean off bird droppings on your car?

It's important to note that you shouldn't immediately rub off bird excrement in a forceful manner.

Many birds eat hard shells and stones, which are passed through their bodies and ultimately into their droppings, so you don't want to risk damaging your car further by rubbing a small stone into your paintwork.

Ideally, you want to get the waste off as soon as possible without causing scratches - so always start gently to gauge for hard bits.

There are a few ways to remove it without having to call a specialist:

  • If the excrement is still fresh, wipe it gently with a microfibre towel.
  • For dry or hard droppings, wet the affected area with warm, soapy water to soften the excrement and make it easier to get off with a microfibre cloth.
  • You can use plain soda water by simply pouring it on and letting the carbonate do the work. Do not use sugary colas - only plain soda water.
  • Speciality wipes are now available which are designed specifically for this purpose.

It's vital that you clean the cloth each time you use it, to ensure that you're not 'reapplying' the excrement to your paintwork.

How to clean off bat guano on your car?

In extreme cases, bat guano - especially in large quantities - can carry diseases that affect humans.

If you have a problem with guano specifically, it's important to wear a mask and other protective equipment to clean it up. 

Car maintenance and repair

If the bird droppings or bat guano has left a residue on your car, eaten away at your paint job or aggravated rusted areas, then it's best to book it in for some TLC.

BumperTech offers car scratch repair services that protect your vehicle from further damage and restore that showroom shine.

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