How to restore black plastic on your car

Written on the 20 August 2020 by BumperTech

There are two areas of plastics on your car:

  1. Internal (window trims, car dashboard, instrument controls etc.)
  2. External (such as door trims, bumpers, mirrors etc.)

Over time, external black plastics on cars can become deteriorated, grey, and faded. This is usually due to climate factors such as sun, wind, rain, and dirt. Run-down plastics can harm the car's appearance and ultimately result in a lower resale value for your car. This can also be said for the internal plastics within the car; however, the inside of cars tend to suffer mostly from cracking and fading due to UV rays and poor upkeep.

So what is the best way to maintain and protect your car's plastics?

There are no specific secrets to maintaining the look of your car's plastics. The key is to simply clean them regularly and use protective products to prevent deterioration and bring the plastic surfaces back to life with a shiny finish. Here are a few tips that will help:

  • Regularly clean the car's plastic the surface with a soapy sponge. It is important to wipe the area dry and use a microfibre cloth to ensure all the residue is removed and there are no streaks left noticeable on the plastic.
  • There are specific products for internal and external. Ensure you purchase the correct product. It is important to research the different brands, as some brands only enhance the grey to a shinny grey, some products will change the faded grey to black. Some products will last only 1 week; whereas some will last up to 1 month. You can purchase these products from car accessories stores or car accessories areas within chain stores.
  • If you are applying a product to the external plastics, ensure that you do not get the product on the paint work or glass. Some products can affect the paint work!



It is important to keep up the maintenance of the plastics, this will help keep the dirt, dust and debris at a minimum.  It will also help prevent cracking, fading, discoloration and premature aging.

Ultimately it will keep your vehicle with a beautiful shine!

If you have a vehicle that has some plastics that are beyond just maintenance, we can help you at BumperTech. We can come out to you and give you a quote. Getting your car's scratches, scuffs and scrapes repaired by us gives peace of mind and ultimately value for money as our work comes with a five-year warranty.




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