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Written on the 30 September 2015 by BumperTech

At Bumpertech, we have years of experience in removing dings and dents from vehicles. In order to evaluate the effectiveness of a repair process, we need to determine how flexible the panel is and how much metal or plastic has been stretched or otherwise displaced.

One technique used, we approach the dent from the body panel's underside, using specialised tools to push out the dents. With this method, sanding and body fill is minimal. This procedure is used on steel and aluminium panels, and when completed, the dent will no longer be visible. The paint won't crack during this process, unless the surface of the metal is in very bad shape.

Larger dents may not respond well to pushing out. If it is several inches in diameter, the dent is close to a panel's edge, or if the panel has previously been repaired then "Pin Pulling" may be needed. If that is the case you can rely on us to use the very best technology available, in the form of the Uni Spotter 9000 system. This process lightly welds a small pin to the centre of the dent, the puller is attached and the dent can be pulled out without needing to remove door trims or guard linings. This removes 95% of the dent. After that a simple sand and light fill will get the panel straight and ready for the painting process.

Plastic bumper bars can be soft and easily pushed in or split from a miner collision. Our Bumpertech technicians can plastic weld a bumper split on site. This process uses a welding rod that melts the plastic back together and closes the gap in the bumper split.

After this the plastic is shaved down to a smooth level finish and is ready for the painting process. Dents in a plastic bumper are also repaired using heat. The dent is heated up to 350 degrees celsius and pushed out from behind. Using their years of experience our technicians then reshape the bumper bar back to its original shape before the painting process begins.

Usually, we can complete your repairs in an hour or two, depending on the severity of the damage. We have eight fully equipped vans servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast so we'll come to you and take care of your panel and bumper dent repair needs. We handle insurance company claims, and our work is fully warranted so you know that you can leave your vehicle in our hands without worry.

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The Bumper Bar had scratches and stress cracks in the paint due to a low impact collision to a bollard at the local shopping centre.

All the work was completed at Victor's home within 3 hours saving him time and no insurance claim was needed saving him money.

, Carindale, Brisbane

Hi Bumpertech,

I have just had my car  (Honda Civic) repaired / minor scraches and dent on rear guard and door.

Carlos was amazing! Please pass on my congratulations to him (and Bumpertech) for a superb job. I was impressed by his professionalism, attention to detail and his cheery and friendly attitude. I will certainly recommend your services, but especially recommend Carlos as a valued representative/tradesman of Bumpertech.

A happy customer!


I would like to personally thank Matthew for the quick response to the issues regarding my Subaru Forester he was very understanding and courteous after he left I washed the Forester and it is back to showroom condition

I have worked in the Motor trade for over 50 years and retired now

Matthew is a Real Asset to your Company

Kind regards,

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