Should I get my car scratches fixed?

Written on the 28 July 2022 by BumperTech

We never want to get scratches on our cars, and we certainly don't want the hassle of involving insurance companies. But sometimes scratches happen, whether that be accidently bumping against the curb, a shopping cart brushing against a door or just parking in the incorrect spot.

So, when is it worth getting your scratches fixed on your car?

Importance of value

If flipping your car regularly is important to you, then maintaining its value is a top priority.

Not getting those paint scratches and dents removed can have a huge impact on the resale price of your car. Surface damage is one of the obvious issues buyers can spot - even if they aren't otherwise experts - before they put any money down on a vehicle, they will be taking note of the imperfections.

Car Pride

There is nothing worse than seeing a slight blemish on your car and the more you see it the more it starts to grow! Well in your mind anyway!

Getting a paint touch-up will not only help you both mentally but will also stop you from accepting other imperfections on the body of your car.


An estimate of the cost of the repair will be based on several factors, including the type of scratch, where it is located on the car, and how deep it is. Also, if you leave a scratch for a period of time in a vulnerable spot, then the damage to your car and the cost to repair can increase.

Although from the feedback from our customers, they have found that the cost of repair is a lot more affordable than they previously thought.

So don't delay in getting a free quote from BumperTech to help get your scratches and dents fixed in your vehicle today.