Top 4 Reasons why to consider an Electric Car?

Written on the 30 May 2022 by BumperTech

There is a huge popularity of the electric vehicles in Australia, with sales having doubled over the past 2
years.BumperTech Electric Car

A recent article from Cars Guide stated that there are about 30 electric models in Australia, with multiple variants and styles, and globally – over 6.6 million sold in 2021! Looking out on the roads today, there are clearly more Teslas on our streets than ever before.

But why would you consider an electric car? Here are our top reasons:


One of the advantages of an electric car is the low running costs. To start, you are sourcing power straight from your own home! Factoring in the high petrol costs, the electric car is definitely cheaper per-kilometre then it has ever been before.

With a pure electric car there is no oil changes, no transmission or brake fluid replacement or coolants!
Which makes these cars cheaper to upkeep as there is less servicing and fewer moving parts!


With the world looking at the environment and Australia committed to zero emissions by 2050, the electric car will certainly help in getting our country closer to that goal.

Statistics show that transport in Australia makes up 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions, and of that, 85% is from road vehicles!

With no tailpipe emissions, the hybrid cars produce 90% fewer pollutants! Keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum.


With the increase in popularity and the 3 different options - hybrid, plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles, there is more of a selection than ever before. With more mainstream car manufacturers embracing this technology, there is a model of car to suit about any budget.


The driver experience is a huge selling point for the electric vehicle - quieter, smoother and cleaner! The quietness of the drive is unique in this bustling world, potentially lowering driver stress! These vehicles are easy to manoeuvre with regenerative braking, faster to accelerate and better handling - what more could you ask for?

Whether it be electrical, hybrid, petrol, or diesel, the BumperTech team has the tools and experience needed to repair your dents, chips, and scratches, keeping your car looking its best! Call us today for a free quote!